Friday, August 3, 2018

7 Ways To Customize Andoid | TechO3

Show Off Your Android..

   Instead of just changing wallpaper and ringtones, there are many ways you can customize your android phone. In these post you will find surprising 7 ways to make your android smartphone your Own_One!...
   Just Give your attention on atleast first 4 points then you can easily make your phone AWESOME

   1. Replace your home screen with launcher.
   You can spice up your homescreen with 3rd party android launcher, which allows you to add custom gestures, shortcuts, transition effects, animations. And it changes the way you interact with your smartphone.

   2. Choose perfect wallpaper.
   Wallpaper is very important to change your phones look, And people judge you on your wallpaper. And choosing perfectperfect wal also depends on your display.

   3. Use icon packs.
   It's an intresting piece of customization, wich the help of icon pack you can match your icon with your homescreen wallpaper. But to use this feature you need an launcher wich supports icon packs.

   4. Widget placing.
   In this you got endless mods. You got time and date, music, wheather, shortcuts, social media, decorations and much more wich gives your homescreen your style statement like look.

   5. Custom lock screen.
   Not that much necessary, but if you're getting bored with your lock screen you can use custome lockscreen apps which provides same security as your stock lockscreen. But makes you sure when next time you unlock your phone, your lockscreen made impression on others.

   6. Root your device.
   To root or not to root? That is the question

   See guys,  root your phone is one of the best thing you had Ever did with your phone if and only if you knew what you are doing ! Rooting your phone is 100% safe.
   AND Dont worry if you not yet knew about root and etc etc then you can  learn all about it easily. In case you did something wrong you can also make unroot your phone
   Wait !! Before going further kindly note there is one thumbrule of root your device.
   If you root your device it's warranty become void/zero/null. In simple language you can't claim warranty if you  root your phone !
   So we the team of Techo3 after researching many things  strictly recommend you that do not root your phone if it's still needs and  under warranty.

   7. Flash custom rom.
   Rom means "read only memory" which contains your mobiles operating system,  and sometimes your mobile company does not provide latest operating system for your mobile. At that time some brilliant developers create there own ROMs. By using such ROMs in your phone by flashing them  you can use such latest operating systems !

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