Thursday, August 2, 2018

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Convert image into word

 Many times you have to type many things . Which is much time costly and also typing without doing typing courses is simply not smart work. So I want to give you an extreme solution to this problem! So read until end you will be surely thankful for this simple trick or solution . Believe me it will save your time 1000% !

       If you're an android user or any other there are many secret or simply unknown for us apps which are small but most useful! One of them is OCR readers! Yeh, surely if you didn't knew what is OCR reader then for you its most useful !

       Function of OCR reader is to convert image text into words! Just like face reader/ captures it capture only text from an image and then you can simply use that text by copy paste & yes edit too!

        There are many apps available on Google play store which having a function of OCR READER! So do the following things and do work with  fun!

1) Go to play store!

2) Search OCR READER

3) check reviews , stars, downloads and then download one of them! I've found these one most useful > Cam Scanner

4) Capture any image which you want to type!

5) copy paste do whatever you want with those word's!

#Note - There are many apps which doesnt work other languages than English so must check before you download!

I hope you love this article, so don't forget to share with your every friends... This will simply convert there hard-working into smart one!

     Thanks ! 😊
   ~ S.J.

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