Friday, August 17, 2018

Make single name Facebook account

Make single name Facebook account

   Once one of our user asked me trick for hide sirname in facebook or make single name facebook account. Generally it is not allowed to keep a single name on facebook, but you can do with this trick very easily.

   Step one: open your facebook account in any browser(chrome recommended).
   Step two: in options open account settings (screenshot 2).

Screenshot 1

   Step three: go to account settings and open general settings.
   Step four: (screenshot 2) open name settings.

Screenshot 2

   Step five: open facebook in new tab and go to language setting (Screenshot 3).

Screenshot 3

   Step six: select tamil language (screenshot 4).

Screenshot 4

   Step seven: keep language tab and open previous tab where name setttings opened. Refresh page the whole page changes to tamil language (screenshot 5).

Screenshot 5

   Step eight: in name setting enter the name you want and leave sirname blank( screenshot 6).

Screenshot 6

   Step nine: now facebook asks you in tamil language to enter your password, (screenshot 7) just enter your password and click on blue button.
Screenshot 7

   Step ten: now your name changed successfully, and you can see it. But its not the end, you have to revert your language from tamil to english. For that just switch to another tab where language settings opened (screenshot 8)  and select english .

Screenshot 8

   By following these simple steps, you can make your own single name facebook account.


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