Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Fix Android Battery Slow Charging, Drain Fast Issues | TechO3

Fix Android Battery Issues

   Our stmartphones hardware getting smarter and more powerful, which reflects straight on battery. So you have to choose a good battery varient or do some tricks and tips to keep your battery long lasting.
   Battery drain fast solutions
1. Turn wifi, data, location service, sync OFF when no need,
2. Use battery saver mode when your phone is idle.
3. Turn auto brightness off, adjust by your own.
4. If you root your phone you can save your vattery essentially. Using greenify app.
5. If you dont want to root use force closing method for battery draining apps.

   Some tips to remember 
1. Dont use quick charge when no need.
2. Dont install unnecessary apps, which keep running in background.
3. Charging upto 80% only, will tremendously boost your battery lifetime.

   Slow charging speed?
1. If not necessary. turn OFF your mobile data and switch to flight mode .
2. Dont overcharge your device.
3. If your phone is rooted then do battery calibration once(marginally effective).
4. If all above solutions not works then replace your defective Charger, USB cable, battery .

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